What are we proposing?

In summary, we are proposing to enhance our site and the processes summarised above in a number of ways, including:

  • Development of a replacement ‘Downstream’ plant and over road conveyor. This will improve efficiency of the onsite processes, provide a much improved visual appearance alongside noise and dust mitigation enhancements. On completion the old plant will be removed.
  • Installation of covered storage bays within the ‘Downstream’. These will cover outgoing materials, improve dust management and improve the visual appearance of the site.
  • Installation of a new ‘pre-shredder’. This will process materials before they enter the shredder and greatly reduce the possibility of loud bangs.
  • Reconfiguring the HGV loading and unloading system. This will avoid long queues of HGVs waiting to enter the site, and will improve the speed at which they can load and unload their cargo. This will not necessarily result in an increased number of HGVs or deliveries, just a quieter, quicker process.

More detailed information about our proposals will be available at our public exhibition, and uploaded onto this website in due course.

Key benefits

The proposals will make our operations at the site more efficient, cost effective from a business perspective and make our products even better. It will also result in numerous other benefits including:

  • Noise reductions due to acoustic housing around the new ‘Downstream’ plant
  • Much lower chance of loud bangs during the shredding process due to new, modern ‘pre-shredding’ equipment
  • A more efficient traffic management system reducing the possibility of HGVs queuing outside of the site (and a reduction in CO2 emissions as a result of a quicker process to enter and exit the site)
  • A cleaner site and improved visual appearance
  • Dust mitigation improvements as a result of covered storage bays and enclosure of ‘Downstream’ plant
  • Job opportunities due to additional requirements for skilled operators