About SIMS Metal Management

Sims Metal Management are the world’s largest metal and electronics recycler with over 200 sites worldwide.

We have been operating at this site in Avonmouth since 1988, recycling metal and exporting it around the world for nearly 30 years. Our Avonmouth site has achieved certification to internationally recognised standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Health and Safety Management (OHSAS BS 18001).

As a company, we have been recycling for 100 years, and have grown into a global operation, with recycling facilities in America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as throughout the UK. We employ over 4,500 people across the world. At Avonmouth, we employ just under 50 people in a range of roles from administration to machine operators, engineering and management. All our employees are paid well above the National Living Wage.

To find out more about job opportunities at Sims Metal Management, and how these proposals may increase the number of jobs at this site, get in touch with us here.

To find out more visit the Sims Metal Management website.

Current Operations at Avonmouth

Pour current operations at Avonmouth can are summarised in the diagram below, however if you have any further questions about what we do at our site, please get in touch.

    We purchase scrap metal (such as end of life vehicles, large domestic appliances and general light iron) from local businesses and scrap metal dealers. Currently lorries (HGV’s) queue up along the dockside before entering our site to unload.
    Once the scrap metal has been weighed and visually inspected, it enters our metal shredding process. A machine called a ‘Shredder’ breaks down (or ‘shreds’) the metal into a uniform size for further sorting. Have a look at our website or get in touch for more information on the shredding process.
    Once the metal has passed through the shredder it is processed in our ‘Downstream’ processing plant, which separates the steel from other materials using large magnets. The processed steel is then transported using conveyor belts to the dockside ready for loading onto ships. All other materials (such as non-ferrous metals, plastic and glass) are sent offsite for further processing.
    The processed recyclable steel is stored on the dockside ready for loading onto ships for export. Our exported materials are sold to customers across the world to be made into new steel products.

Further information about how the various processes outlined above work can be found here.